How to Set up SVN with Apache

15 April , 2012 Bill Linux

Introduction This is a tutorial on how to set up SVN with Apache, create users accounts and also disable anonymous viewing of the project from a web browser.


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Setting Up an Ubuntu Server

21 February , 2012 Bill Linux

Introduction This is tutorial on how to set up an Ubuntu server with apache, mysql, proftpd, webmin, setting up a user account and adding it to the sudoers list.


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How to the Change Password Complexity Requirements in Windows Server 2008

20 October , 2011 Bill Windows

To change the password complexity requirements settings in Windows Server 2008:


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How to Make Outlook Web App Login Automatically with C#

10 October , 2011 Bill C# Programming

Introduction It is easy to place a web browser component into an application and use the features of OWA (Outlook Web Application) as a built in organiser, contacts manager and email client.


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How to Fix DFS Namespace Error

10 October , 2011 Bill Windows

The error: The DFS Namespace service could not initialize cross forest trust information on this domain controller, but it will periodically retry the operation. The return code is in the record data. Can be fixed by making the following changes in the registry:


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How to Download an Entire Website with WGET

28 September , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction If you have ever had to or needed to copy or move a website, wget is quite handy. Wget is open source, available on Linux, OSX and Windows and is very easy to use. A whole website can be downloaded with one simple command.


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How to Output a MySQL Query to CSV

9 September , 2011 Bill MySQL Database

To output a MySQL query to a CSV file, the query needs to be altered.


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How to Recover the MySQL root Password

31 August , 2011 Bill MySQL Database

Introduction If the root password for MySQL has been forgotten, there is a way to reset it. The process involves stopping the MySQL server and starting it in safe mode.


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Installing Proftpd with MySQL in Ubuntu Linux

29 August , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction Proftpd is a modular FTP server that runs on Linux. One of the proftpd modules is for MySQL and enables users to be stored in the database instead of the system. Users can have a different home directories as they are set per user in the database, different quotas can be set for users […]


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How To Test an Apache Mono Server

28 August , 2011 Bill C# Programming

Introduction After the Apache web server has been set up with mono, the next thing to do is check if it works. I have a simple project that I put on the web server to check if it is working. This article will show how to create a similar ASP web application in a few […]


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