Youtube Downloader (youtube-dl) Helper Script

28 September , 2013 Bill Bash Programming

Introduction I have created a very simple script to help with downloading Youtube videos. The script will display a list of available formats, ask what format you would like to download and correctly name the file that is being downloaded.


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How to Output a List of Files to a File and Sort Them in Linux

5 July , 2012 Bill Linux

Introduction Have you ever wondered how to dump thousands of files to a text file and sort them alphabetically? This tutorial will show you how to do it and create a bash script.


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Netflix and Linux, What are Your Options?

10 June , 2012 Bill Linux

Introduction I have only recently discovered Netflix and signed up without thinking there may be issues playing back the streaming media on Linux.


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Fun With Video in Linux Using MPlayer

20 February , 2012 Bill Linux

Introduction MPlayer has some features that you may not have noticed if you only use it to watch your videos or if you use a different video player.


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Music Composition and Audio Editing in Linux

28 August , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction Music composition and audio editing software can be quite expensive. There are professional open source alternatives to expensive commercial applications. Open source applications do not get the exposure as commercial applications and may not have the same features or operate in the same way. Deciding if open source software is appropriate is the same […]


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How to Download YouTube Videos in Linux

28 August , 2011 Bill Linux

There is a python script available that can download YouTube videos as .flv files called youtube-dl.


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Playing a Blu-Ray Movie in Linux

27 August , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction Not much has changed in the Linux world when it comes to playing Blu-Ray content. The main thing is that Blu-Ray movies can be played but without the menu and other rich content. The application this article will talk about is MakeMKV. MakeMKV is free for DVD content, there is a license fee for […]


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Media Shuffle Bash Script

24 August , 2011 Bill Bash Programming

Before I could find a media center application that I really liked, I used to create playlist’s and use mplayer to play the playlist’s randomly. Because new episodes come out and I did not want to have to create new playlists I created a script automatically generate the playlist’s and play them using mplayer randomly. […]


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