Youtube Downloader (youtube-dl) Helper Script

28 September , 2013 Bill Bash Programming

Introduction I have created a very simple script to help with downloading Youtube videos. The script will display a list of available formats, ask what format you would like to download and correctly name the file that is being downloaded.


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How to Output a List of Files to a File and Sort Them in Linux

5 July , 2012 Bill Linux

Introduction Have you ever wondered how to dump thousands of files to a text file and sort them alphabetically? This tutorial will show you how to do it and create a bash script.


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How to Access Android Devices in Linux

27 May , 2012 Bill Android

Introduction If you have an android device that is not recognised when trying to access it via USB, this tutorial should help you.


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How to Search for Text in Files Using Linux

12 October , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction There may be times when the name of a required file is unknown but you may remember some of the content of a file. A search can be performed in a Linux terminal that will display a list of files that contains the text you remember.


5 bash, file, find, grep, how to,

How to Download an Entire Website with WGET

28 September , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction If you have ever had to or needed to copy or move a website, wget is quite handy. Wget is open source, available on Linux, OSX and Windows and is very easy to use. A whole website can be downloaded with one simple command.


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Reload Modem Manager Bash Script

24 August , 2011 Bill Bash Programming

In Ubuntu I was having trouble with the wireless broadband device MF626 freezing. When it froze the operating system needed to be rebooted to get back onto the internet.


0 bash, linux, programming, ubuntu,

Sleep Timer Bash Script

24 August , 2011 Bill Bash Programming

Someone in Ubuntu Forums posted that they wanted to create a deb package full of useful scripts and was asking for help. In his post he also said that one of the scripts he was after was a sleep timer so I decided to post one in his thread for him.


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