How to Turn Off Modal Dialogs in Gnome Shell 3

10 July , 2012 Bill Linux

Have you been annoyed by not being able to move your dialogs in Gnome Shell 3? This simple tutorial will show you how to disable the “attach_modal_dialogs” setting. These annoying dialogs can really be distracting, covering up what is behind especially when it is your turn in partypoker. The gconf-editor was the tool used in my other tutorial for Mint 13 Cinnamon but for Gnome Shell 3 we will use dconf-editor.

Gnome Configuration Editor
If you do not have the dconf-editor, you can install it with the following command or use your package manager.

sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

Run the dconf-editor by clicking the icon in your applications menu, by opening a terminal or pressing Alt+F2 and using the following command:


Untick the option “attach_modal_dialogs” at:

Restart The Desktop
Press Alt+F2 and type r in the text box then press enter. You now have dialogs that are not attached to parent windows that you can move.

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