January, 2014

A Gtk uTorrent Front End… Any Interest?

20 January , 2014 Bill Linux

Introduction I have started developing a Gtk front end for the Linux uTorrent server. I know there is a Web UI but you can not click magnet links in web pages to add them. I was developing this for myself but if there is any interest in the project I will make it public. (Test […]


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C++ Gtkmm Tutorial 5

13 January , 2014 Bill C++ Programming

Introduction In part 5 of this Gtkmm tutorial I will be showing you how to use the treeview control and markup in a label. In this simple application there is a text entry used for entering text into a treeview. The label next to the text entry will turn red if there is no text […]


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To Windows and Back Again.

2 January , 2014 Bill Linux

Introduction Just like the Hobbit’s tale I had a short trip there and back again, but mine was to Windows 8.1. My Decision to Switch There was a couple of reasons that resulted in moving my main computer to Windows 8.1. The main one was I write software for companies and use Visual Studio. This […]


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