September, 2011

How to Download an Entire Website with WGET

28 September , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction If you have ever had to or needed to copy or move a website, wget is quite handy. Wget is open source, available on Linux, OSX and Windows and is very easy to use. A whole website can be downloaded with one simple command.


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How to use Linux from Windows

28 September , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction There may be times that you may want a bash terminal or other Linux application but you are stuck in Windows. There are some ways around this so you can still access your Linux applications while using Microsoft Windows.


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How to Format a Number in a C# WPF Binding

27 September , 2011 Bill C# Programming

A number can be formatted in a XAML binding.


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How to Remove the Header From a C# WPF ListView

27 September , 2011 Bill C# Programming

To remove a header from a WPF ListView, a style needs to be created targeting the GridViewColumnHeader.


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Linux C# and GUI Tool Kits

22 September , 2011 Bill C# Programming

Introduction With the introduction of Mono a while back, A large number of Windows only applications are being ported to Linux. The problem with C# at the moment in regards to GUI tool kits are the number of GUI tool kit bindings available and the cross platform ability.


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Understanding the File System and Structure in Linux

15 September , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction The file system in Linux can be intimidating coming from other operating systems like Microsoft Windows. At first glance it may seem that there is no organisation to the files, but there is a method to this madness. After spending some more time with the file system in Linux, it will seem a lot […]


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How to Output a MySQL Query to CSV

9 September , 2011 Bill MySQL Database

To output a MySQL query to a CSV file, the query needs to be altered.


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