August, 2011

How to Recover the MySQL root Password

31 August , 2011 Bill MySQL Database

Introduction If the root password for MySQL has been forgotten, there is a way to reset it. The process involves stopping the MySQL server and starting it in safe mode.


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How to Use Screen in Linux

30 August , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction Screen provides virtual terminals that can continue running even when the the user has logged off or disconnected from the session. New sessions can be created at any time and can have different programs running in them.


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Installing Proftpd with MySQL in Ubuntu Linux

29 August , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction Proftpd is a modular FTP server that runs on Linux. One of the proftpd modules is for MySQL and enables users to be stored in the database instead of the system. Users can have a different home directories as they are set per user in the database, different quotas can be set for users […]


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How To Test an Apache Mono Server

28 August , 2011 Bill C# Programming

Introduction After the Apache web server has been set up with mono, the next thing to do is check if it works. I have a simple project that I put on the web server to check if it is working. This article will show how to create a similar ASP web application in a few […]


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Music Composition and Audio Editing in Linux

28 August , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction Music composition and audio editing software can be quite expensive. There are professional open source alternatives to expensive commercial applications. Open source applications do not get the exposure as commercial applications and may not have the same features or operate in the same way. Deciding if open source software is appropriate is the same […]


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How to Download YouTube Videos in Linux

28 August , 2011 Bill Linux

There is a python script available that can download YouTube videos as .flv files called youtube-dl.


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Playing a Blu-Ray Movie in Linux

27 August , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction Not much has changed in the Linux world when it comes to playing Blu-Ray content. The main thing is that Blu-Ray movies can be played but without the menu and other rich content. The application this article will talk about is MakeMKV. MakeMKV is free for DVD content, there is a license fee for […]


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How to Add a User in Ubuntu Linux

27 August , 2011 Bill Linux

There may be times when a user account needs to be created and a graphical user interface is not available. The user can be created with a simple command and the password set with one more.


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How To Create Callbacks in C#

27 August , 2011 Bill C# Programming

Introduction Information can be sent from a class to a parent class. This can be done by setting up delegates. The delegate will describe the function and a parameter will let the parent class connect to it.


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Static IP in Linux

26 August , 2011 Bill Linux

Introduction There are many reason why a static IP on a local computer network is important. The main one would be forwarding packets from a firewall router. A static IP prevents a computer obtaining a different address from a DHCP server.


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